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Orchids'trail recognition and Loy Krathong celebrations.

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Orchids'trail recognition
Loy Krathong celebrations

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Orchids'trail in Thailand

From 24th October to 2th of November 2020

  • 100km in 4 days 

  • D + 2700m / D - 2100m

  • This free pace race, is for any runner or Walker (shortest mileage for walkers).

  • Ranking: General,  man and woman

Some countries more than others make you want to leave, to escape. Thailand is part of these dream destinations. The 4 steps of 20 to 30km each, will allow you to compete in places as beautiful as different in Chiang Mai region, North of the country.

Here, we are far from Bangkok and its pollution. The air is more breathable, less touristic than the south. Beaches are replaced by five parallel chains from Northern Thailand : they are the foothills of Himalayas. Today, Chiang-Mai is the north tribes capital. Located at the gates of the "Golden Triangle", Chiang Mai has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful citiy in the country.

October 31 and November 1 we will witness the celebration of Loy Kratong : unforgettable!




890€ (600€ for +1 – no running people ) for the 15 first subscriptions.


920€ (620€ for +1 – no running people) starting the 15th subscription


950€ (620€ for +1 – no running people) starting the 31th subscription



  • food (except the 2 nights at Chiang-Maï’shotel)

  • overnights

  • technical an medical assistance,

  • repatriation's insurance



  • the flight to Chiang-Maï,

  • personnel expenses,

  • cancellation insurance

+ more informations about the trip extension 


Program Orchids'trail 2020

Saturday October 24 st: Flight to Chiang Mai


Sunday October 25th: Arrival in Chiang-Maï, Transfer Chiang Dao Camp  


Monday October 26th : Free day, bib distribution and instructions.


Tuesday October 27th : 1st stages - 20km.  


Wednesday October 28th : 2nd stages 35km. Arrival to Cocotier Resort Camp


Thursday October 29th : 3rd stages 30km.


Friday October 30th : 4th stages 25km / awards evening.


Saturday October 31th : Transfer from Chiang Mai hotel, Free day, Loy Kratong celebration in the evening  


Sunday November 1st : Free day, Loy Kratong celebration in the evening  


Monday November 2 th  : Transfer to Chiang Mai airport or departure of the extension.



Essential equipment

  • Backpack

  • Rain clothes 

  • Whistle

  • Kamel back

  • Cap or a hat

  • Suncream

Essential Documents

A validated passport (for at least the next 6 months). If you are not part of the European community, please Verify the documents needed at the Norway Embassy of your country.
A medical certificate proving you are healthy to participate to this race (less than 3 months old) or a license.


Loy Kratong festival 

Loy Kratong is a Festival celebrated every year in Thailand. It takes place on 12th month full moon of the traditional thai lunar calendar. In the Western calendar, this usually occurs in November. This tradition started in Sukhothai, but is now celebrated throughout Thailand. The festivities in Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya are particularly famous. In the North Kingdom, in Chiang Mai, Loy Kratong is the opportunity for a spectacular lanterns release carried by cylindrical balloons (sky lanterns). Loy Kratong is a fun and happy holiday in the Thai tradition.

Discover the hidden treasures of Thailand!

6 extra days November 2-8   in Ayutthaya and Bangkok  from November 19th to 25h 2016  / €600

This rate includes

  • All displacements,

  • airport transfers

  • Transfert Hotel airport,

  • overnight stays in hotels with breakfast as well as visits (Royal Palace, Wat Poo, Old City, Ayutthaya...).


Since the 12th of January 2016, you are the

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